Evony Alt Account Guide

Having at least one Evony Alt Account is vital to progressing fast in the game. This is of even greater importance if you are not a big spender in the game. Some players have several alt accounts to help them. Often they manage these by playing Evony on their PC or Mac.

Keep reading this Evony Alt Account Guide to learn everything you need to know about creating Alt Accounts and how to get the most out of them. Also, check out our Evony Beginner’s Tips for more ways to improve your game.

Evony Alt Account Guide

Why you need one

Early on in the game, the need for an alt account may not be immediately obvious. However, as you continue in Evony you will start to see the resource cost of buildings increase exponentially.

An Alt Account can help you here by funneling your main account more resources. All the main reasons for an alt account are below:

  • Funnel resources to your main account for troop building and construction.
  • Used for scouting and baiting in PvP. Especially useful in the Evony Server War.
  • Subordinate City storage. Used to hold onto Sub Cities you are not currently using but may want in the future.
  • Risk free troop killing points in weekly Monarch Event. Attack your alt accounts for easy points in this stage.
  • When playing Evony on PC you can dual screen in PvP with your main and alt against enemies.

Before you even consider creating an alt account you must link your account. This allows you to switch between accounts without losing access to your main one. To do this select Settings -> Account.

Link Evony Account

Once you have selected your account you will be given two options for linking:

  • Android users – Facebook or Google
  • iOS – Apple or Facebook

For iOS users, it can be a good idea to link with Facebook. This is as it will allow you to play Evony on your PC or Mac if you wish. This is especially useful if you want to manage several alt accounts.

Take Note of your Evony Server

Navigate to the world map and select the world map icon in the bottom left of the screen. This will then show you a zoomed-out map of your server. At the top of this screen, you will see the number of the server you are on.

You will need to have this for later in the process when you create your Evony Alt Account.

Create a New Account

Now that you have linked your main account, it is time to create your Evony Alt Account. To do this, you need to go back to Settings -> Account but this time select Start New Game.

Start new Evony account

An alert will tell you that you are about to start a new game. Select confirm assuming that you have linked your main account.

Starting a New Game

When you first select Start New Game, you will be taken to a map of all the servers. Find the server number of your main account and select it. You will then be taken to select a culture. As a reminder these are all the cultures that can be selected:

  • Japan – increased food production, ground troop defense and crafting speed.
  • Korea – increased lumber production, ranged troop attack and healing speed.
  • China – increased troop load, ground troop attack and research speed.
  • Arabia – increased gem gathering speed, mounted troop HP and improved bonus from offering.
  • Europe – increased stone production, mounted troop attack and march speed to monsters.
  • Russia – increased ore production, mounted troop defense and trap building speed.
  • America – increased gold levy, siege machine attack and training speed.

Once you have selected an Evony Culture, you will then need to complete a small tutorial. When you have completed this, you then need to link your new Alt Account. Follow the same process as before.

Please note, it must be linked to a separate, Google, Facebook, or Apple account to your main Evony Account.

Switching Evony Accounts

Once it is linked, you can freely switch between your accounts. To do this select Settings -> Account -> Switch Account and then select the linked account type for the account you wish to log into.

After you have put in the details for the account you wish to switch to, you may receive the following message. “Are you sure you want to delete your current progress and load the account”.

Switch Evony Account

As long as you have linked your account, you can simply press confirm with no problems. Your other Evony account will then be loaded.

Managing your Evony Alt Account

If you are short on time, keep it simple. Simply switch to the account a couple of times a day to send out gatherers and check on your upgrades.

However, if you have a bit more time it is a good idea to be more active with them. Joining alliance rallies and taking part in other events will help build a resource stockpile much quicker.

It is a good idea to play Evony on your PC or Mac for this. You can easily switch between accounts and have several games loaded at once to manage them all at the same time. This really speeds things up, especially if you have several Evony Alt Accounts.

Tips for your Evony Alt Account

  • Upgrade Keep to at least level 25 – this allows you to upgrade other buildings to a critical level. It also enables you to attack the alt account with your main account and receive lower looting penalties.
  • Fill all your subordinate city slots with Korean cities. This will improve the resources gained from gathering.
  • Focus research only on resource gathering and production. You will not be using your alt account to fight.
  • Join your alliance. Your alt account an then transport resources every day and join rallies for additional resource box rewards.
  • Kick the alt from your alliance now and again to attack it for all its resources.
  • Play Evony on your PC or Mac to manage your alts. It is much easier to switch between accounts this way. You can even have several instances of the game open at once.
  • Upgrade Watchtower to level 25. This allows you to scout enemies defending troops in Server War and normal PvP without risking your main account. This can be useful for allies and yourself to see before launching an attack.
  • Bait in PvP with your alt. This is the process of dropping your bubble with the intention of provoking someone to attack you. You can then be ready with your main account to jump in and attack the aggressor. This is made easier when playing Evony on your PC.
  • Get Queen Jindeok or one of the other best Evony gathering generals to improve your resource gathering.

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  1. Hello, my friend needs to take a break and she is trying to give me access to her account so I can babysit it for her. I have several Alts already, and switch between accounts. But her account is linked to her Facebook. Can she simply link it to Google play so I can access it also?

    1. Hi, yes you should be able to link it to a google account. Just make sure it is not a google account you already have another alt linked to as it would delete that alt from the account.

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