Everything we Know About the Evony Huns Invasion Update

Evony The King's Return Huns Invasion Update
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Evony recently announced the launch of their latest update – Evony Huns Invasion and it is planned to drop on 7 March 2021. However, in true Evony fashion, details remain a little loose. Therefore, we are unlikely to know what exactly is going on until launch. However, the game has sent players a mail with some details and you can check it out below.

Launch Day Update

The event has now launched, read our Evony The King’s Return Huns Invasion Guide for everything you need to know.

Evony Huns Invasion – Player Mails

Huns Invasion

Evony The King's Return Huns Invasion Mail

You can enter the Huns Invasion Battlefield by creating or joining a team and the team reaching 6 prepared members. The Battlefield contains 10 stages. Each stage is guarded by powerful Huns or mysterious monarch. After clearing a stage, you can select one of the three Battlefield Buffs. You can receive a stage reward by defeating enemies of a stage and receive rich rewards by clearing all stages

The new Battlefield Huns Invasion is about to open on March 7th. Please get ready for the new challenge! Nomadic troops from the prairie have gathered at the border of the empire. Fierce Huns have led the troops to destroy nearly a hundred cities. Be pre-emptive and defeat them one by one. You can find the Huns Invasion e entrance in the menu of Battlefield construction. Challenge it with other Monarchs!

What does this mean?

From the mail that players received, the Evony Huns Invasion update looks like a serious upgrade for the game. Indeed, it is perhaps the biggest since the introduction of the last battlefield game mode.

The Huns Invasion will also be accessed through the Battlefield building. However, in a major deviation, it looks like this mode will be focused on PvE rather than PvP.

The mail also suggests that you will be able to play the Huns Invasion at any time if you have 6 allies available to sign up with you. In the event, you and your team will cooperate to take down increasingly difficult opponents over 10 stages. After clearing a stage, players will also be able to select a buff to help them in all future stages.

What will the rewards be?

Evony have not yet given exact details on the rewards available. However, with the event accessible through the Battlefield building, we can expect it to take a similar approach as BoC and BoG. In these events, you currently get a number of gem, resource, speedup and gold chests depending on your individual point score and if you won or lost the event.

One Chilled Gamer will be watching the launch closely and will keep you updated on the final details. In the meantime, let us know how you think the Huns Invasion will play and what rewards you hope will be included. Make sure to check out all our Evony Guides.

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