Zhuge Liang

Zhuge Liang - Evony General Builds

Zhuge Liang – “He is recognized as the greatest and most accomplished strategist.”

Zhuge Liang – Details

  • Base Stats1
  • Leadership: 109 B | 9.15 G
  • Attack: 105 B | 8.29 G
  • Defence: 106 B | 7.95 G
  • Politics: 108 B | 9.22 G
  • Base Power: 13,324
  • Cost: 42,000,000 Gold
  • Region: China
  • 1B = Base Stat | G = Growth Rate
  • Availability
  • Packs
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Zhuge Liang – Review

Liang is a pure Evony Duty General. He is a Keep Duty Officer. His skill increases construction speed by a huge 20%. This makes him a great option for when you are not taking part in PvP.

Zhuge Liang – Special Skill


When the General is the Keep Officer, the construction speed in the city will increase by 20%.

Zhuge Liang – Specialities

Ranged Troop Defense

  • Ranged Troop HP +10%
  • Ranged Troop Defense +10%

Pacify (Applied to Subordinate City Mayor)

  • Increases Gold Production Speed in Subordinate City +36%
  • Increases Construction Speed in Subordinate City +36%

Sage (Applied to Keep Officer)

  • Construction Speed +10%

Marquis Zhongwu (Applied to Keep Officer)

  • Construction Speed +20%

Zhuge Liang – Builds

As a pure Duty General, there is no need to add skill books or equipment to this general. These have no impact on the general when they are on duty at a building. You should instead focus on cultivation to improve their duty rank. See our Evony General Guide for more details.

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