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Evony the Kings Return: 5 Best Guides Right Now

The latest iteration of the Evony series brings the game to mobile for the first time. This easily makes the game even more enjoyable and addictive than before. Unfortunately, Evony has always disspointed when it come it comes to ingame tutorials. To help, OneChilledGamer has already posted an Evony The King’s Return Guide for the Lucky Composing Event and for the Evony Huns Invasion Event. Here, we go one step further, and bring you the 5 best guides for Evony The King’s Return!


The Misers Guide

For all those free to play Evony fans out there, this is by far the go to resource. The Miser’s YouTube channel has all the best tips for building power whilst spending the least money possible.

Evony Guide Wiki

Written as a blog, The Evony Guide Wiki is updated regularly and has an enoromous amount of bite size topics. Like The Miser, the site also has lots of information for those not wanting to spend a lot of money. However, it also adds further great details for those willing to get the wallet out. Highlights include a breakdown of the best generals for free player and paying players, and tips on accumulate more stamina. The creator is also very intereactive in the comments section and always willing to engage with people asking further questions.


Evony XYZ Blog

Another blog style guide that does a great job of getting into the finer details of the game. The site’s article on battle mechanics is truly worth checking out, just be prepared for a lot reading!

Evony Guides

Another YouTube option, this channel does a great job of explaining all the basics to beginners of the game. Also, of great use, are some detailed videos on all the numerous events that take place in the game. These are otherwise quite difficult to get information on.



Although not strictly speaking a guide, Reddit has to be mentioned. The community here is small but very active. There are many experienced players very willing to respond to any questions that you post, no matter how simple. From how to read a battle report to tactics for dominating the undead event!

Evony Guides from OCG

Evony Beginners Guide

Huns Invasion Event Guide

Lucky Composing Event Guide

Hydra Invasion Event Guide

Crazy Eggs Guide

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