Shimazu Yoshihiro

Shimazu Yoshihiro – “Daimyo in the Age of Warring States who led Satsuma army to conquer Kyushu.”

Shimazu Yoshihiro – Details

  • Base Stats1
  • Leadership: 95 B | 7.81 G
  • Attack: 103 B | 7.91 G
  • Defense: 103 B | 7.75 G
  • Politics: 100 B | 7.63 G
  • Base Power: 12,035
  • Cost: 24,000,000 Gold
  • Region: Japan
  • Ascended: No
  • 1B = Base Stat | G = Growth Rate
  • Availability
  • Tavern
User Rating
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Is Shimazu Yoshihiro a good general in Evony?

Although a Legendary General, Shimazu Yoshihiro is one of the Best Gathering Generals in Evony when it comes to food. His Special Skill, Shimazu Demon, allows him to take back an extra 30% of food from Farms when on the World Map and increases his gathering speed by 10%.

Shimazu Yoshihiro – Special Skill

An Evony General’s Special Skill is always active and requires no development. Read the description carefully to ensure it is having the impact that you expect.

Shimazu Demon

After food gathering, brings back extra 30% resources from Farms on World Map and increases resource gathering speed by 10% when General is leading the army.

Shimazu Yoshihiro – Specialities

These skills are unlocked once the Evony General reaches level 25. They can be expensive to develop, requiring Gems and Runestones. Read our Evony General Guide for more details.

Bumper Harvest

  • Food Gathering Bonus from Outside City Resource Spots +20%

Weight Loading

  • All Troops Load +40%

Siege Machine Ares

  • Siege Machine Attack +10%
  • Siege Machine HP +10%
  • Siege Machine Defense +10%

Shimazu Yoshihiro – Builds

For gathering generals, everything needs to be focused on improving gathering speed. Troop load is not important as you can just send more troops to a spot to clear it. For refines, choose one resource and focus on it to create a gathering specialist.


This build works well for gathering generals.

  • Skill Books (choose 3):
  • Lvl 4 Food Gatherer – Food Gathering Speed +45%
  • Lvl 4 Ore Gatherer – Ore Gathering Speed +45%
  • Lvl 4 Stone Gatherer – Stone Gathering Speed +45%
  • Lvl 4 Lumber Gatherer – Lumber Gathering Speed +45%
  • Equipment Refines:
  • Weapon (any) – Gathering Speed % x4 (choose one resource type)
  • Armor – None
  • Boots – None
  • Helmet – Gathering Speed % x4 (choose one resource type)
  • Leg Armor – Gathering Speed % x4 (choose one resource type)
  • Ring – None

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