Tran Hung Dao

Tran Hung Dao - Evony General Builds

Tran Hung Dao – “An imperial prince, statesman and military commander of Dai Viet during the Tran Dynasty.”

Tran Hung Dao – Details

  • Base Stats1
  • Leadership: 108 B | 8.45 G
  • Attack: 102 B | 8.37 G
  • Defence: 113 B | 8.55 G
  • Politics: 109 B | 8.38 G
  • Base Power: 13,640
  • Cost: 38,000,000 Gold
  • Region: Other
  • 1B = Base Stat | G = Growth Rate
  • Availability
  • Tavern
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Tran Hung Dao – Review

Tran Hung Dao is a natural defense general. In particular, he is one of the best for a very heavy siege defense. Unfortunately, he is weak with all other troop types. He is therefore only viable for players that are happy with the gem repair cost of siege machines.

Tran Hung Dao should also not be used in attack. The majority of his buffs are only active when in defense.

Tran Hung Dao – Special Skill

Grand Prince

Increases the ground troops’ HP by 20% and siege machines’ attack by 30% when General is the Main City’s Defense General.

Tran Hung Dao – Specialities

Siege Machine Formation

  • Siege Machine Attack +10%
  • Siege Machine Defense +10%

Ambush (Applied to Main City Defense General)

  • Trap Triggering Chance +20%
  • In-city Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Attack +10%

Siege Machine Ares

  • Siege Machine Attack +10%
  • Siege Machine HP +10%
  • Siege Machine Defense +10%

Ly – Song War (Applied to Main City Defense General)

  • In-city Siege Machine Attack +30%
  • Enemy Ranged Troop Attack -30%

Tran Hung Dao – Builds

The below builds outline which skill books and equipment refines you should use depending on your requirements.

Siege Defense

Everything for this build is focused on improving a very heavy siege city defense. This is likely only viable for big spenders as the gem repair cost could be very high. However, it is particularly potent and will cause huge damage to the attacker. HP is added to give a bit more durability to your siege machines.

  • Skill Books:
  • Lvl 4 Siege Machine Attack – Siege Attack +25%
  • Lvl 4 Siege Machine Range Bonus – Siege Machine Range +200
  • Lvl 4 Siege Machine HP – Siege HP +25%
  • Equipment Refines:
  • Axe – Siege Machine Attack % x4
  • Armor – Siege Machine Defense % x4
  • Boots – Siege Machine Defense % x4
  • Helmet – Siege Machine HP % x4
  • Leg Armor – Siege Machine HP % x4
  • Ring – Siege Machine Attack % x4

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