Yi Song-gye

Evony General Guide - Yi Song-gye

Yi Song-gye – “The first king of the Joseon Dynasty of Korea.”

Yi Song-gye – Details

  • Base Stats1
  • Leadership: 101 B | 7.75 G
  • Attack: 101 B | 7.15 G
  • Defense: 98 B | 7.59 G
  • Politics: 99 B | 7.91 G
  • Base Power: 11,911
  • Cost: 17,000,000 Gold
  • Region: Korea
  • Ascended: No
  • 1B = Base Stat | G = Growth Rate
  • Availability
  • Tavern
User Rating
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Is Yi Song-gye a good general in Evony?

As a Purple Historic Evony General, Yi Song-gye is only useful in the very early stages of the game for Ranged PvP. In these phases, his Special Skill, Yongbi Eocheon Ga, which adds 35% Ranged Troop Defense, is actually pretty good. However, you will quickly get hold of better options that should replace him as soon as possible. Try to avoid wasting resources in upgrading him too much.

Yi Song-gye – Special Skill

An Evony General’s Special Skill is always active and requires no development. Read the description carefully to ensure it is having the impact that you expect.

Yongbi Eocheon Ga

Increases Ranged Troops Defense by 35% when General is leading the army.

Yi Song-gye – Specialities

These skills are unlocked once the Evony General reaches level 25. They can be expensive to develop, requiring Gems and Runestones. Read our Evony General Guide for more details.

Ranged Troop Defense

  • Ranged Troop HP +10%
  • Ranged Troop Defense +10%


  • Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Attack +10%

King’s Ambition

  • Troop death into troop soul rate in the main city +10%

Yi Song-gye – Builds

The below builds outline which skill books and equipment refines you should use depending on your requirements.

Ranged PvP

This build is ideal for players who are very range heavy. It sacrifices everything in favor of ranged attack whilst also topping up ranged troop HP and Defense via equipment refines.

This build will ensure you do maximum damage, especially in the early game when players are quite mounted heavy. You can alternatively swap March Size for Ranged Troop HP if you want to give your Ranged troops a bit more durability.

  • Skill Books:
  • Lvl 4 Ranged Troop Attack – Ranged Attack +25%
  • Lvl 4 Ranged Troop Range Bonus – Ranged Troop Range +100
  • Lvl 4 March Size – March Size +12%
  • Equipment Refines:
  • Bow – Ranged Troop Attack % x4
  • Armor – Ranged Troop Defense % x4
  • Boots – Ranged Troop Defense % x4
  • Helmet – Ranged Troop HP % x4
  • Leg Armor – Ranged Troop HP % x4
  • Ring – Ranged Troop Attack % x4

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